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In the beginning…

If you aren’t sure what this blog is all about quickly read the story.

This was the final “contact us” form I filled out before I decided to start this blog.

Hi there!
This is now the 6th time I’ve tried to contact you within the last 2 or 3 weeks. No such luck as of yet.
You guys are seriously giving me enough content to start a blog about all the letters I can write to you without receiving a response. As I’ve said in previous attempts to contact you, I’m going to keep writing until I receive a response. Anything! Tell me to stop, tell me you don’t care, tell me that you’re sorry for the inconvenience, tell me you want to bring me in to advise your executives on proper communications online.
Actually I’m glad I’ve found a place online where I can begin to pour my heart out and no one will actually read it. I plan on starting to write my diary entires in your “contact us” form. It seems to be a very private forum.
Oh, got to go! My crush just walked in! I’ll tell you more about her next time :)

And there it is. was started. The Papa is great listener. Email your diary entires that you’d like me to share with him!